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Achieving and maintaining a beautiful tan can be difficult, especially in the ever-so-weather-changing Rochester, NY. At Sun Glow Tans, we make it easy, safe, and affordable to achieve the perfect glow through UV tanning beds or sunless spray tans.

With frequent bed sanitization, prompt service, and high-quality technology, we guarantee you will love your experience at our salon. We are here to help you understand tanning and the safety measures to take during and in between sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions are needed to develop a tan?

At Sun Glow Tans, we take the time to understand your goals and help you choose the best tanning plan according to your skin. The number of sessions will depend on your skin type, the type of bed you choose, and how dark you want your skin to get.

How often can I tan in a day?

Sun Glow Tans will only allow you to tan once in 24 hours. The sunbeds at our salon are designed to accelerate the tanning process, so your skin cells will work after the session to develop your tan. Once your tan develops, you can maintain it by tanning one to three times a week.

Why is my tan starting to fade?

If you have fair skin, you may experience fading between sessions if they are too far apart. Also, indoor heating, hot water, harsh soaps, and colder weather can hasten the fading process. Allow your skin enough time to regenerate and fight the melanin produced by being exposed to UV rays. Well-moisturized skin, increased water intake, neutral pH soap, and showering in warm water can increase the longevity of your tan.

Do I need eye protection when tanning?

Absolutely! Tanning without proper eye protection can have severe and detrimental effects on your eyesight. The FDA requires eye protection during any UV tanning bed session. You can avoid susceptibility to night blindness, lack of color perception, retinal ulcers, and eventual blindness.

When should I not tan?

If you are on any photosensitizing medications, you should not go tanning. You can check warning labels on medication to know for sure, or ask your doctor or pharmacist. These medications can greatly increase your risk of overexposure. You should also avoid tanning if you are pregnant, as the heat produced by the indoor tanning equipment can negatively affect the mother.

Please contact us at 585-287-5723 if you have any other questions regarding tanning and safety measures.

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